If you would like to purchase a Ragdoll kitten, the best thing you can do

is email us to let us know what you are looking for in terms of gender,

color, pattern, pet or show quality, etc.


Registered with the TICA or GCCF
With a five generation original pedigree certificate for Show or Show/Breed kittens
A Royal Canin kitten care pack full of useful information
4 weeks free Pet Plan Insurance or 5 weeks Agria insurance
Two vet check up visits
Fully vaccinated
Pet Log Micro Chipped
Each kitten is from DNA tested HCM clear lines.

Your beautiful new addition will be ready to join you at 12-14 weeks of age (depending on individual assessment and development)

Until then, we will send you updated photos of your kitten as regularly as possible, so you can watch him/her growing.

A non-refundable Deposit is £200 for pets and £500 for breeder and / or show kittens in the form of a cashier's check, money order or cash. If you are paying by check, please allow 1 week for the check to clear before you pick up a kitten. All deposits are non refundable, but in some cases may be applied to a kitten from a different litter at our discretion. (a kitten is only considered reserved once a deposit is received)

Payment of the remaining balance is required at the time you are picking up your kitten.

Or, if your kitten is traveling to you, FULL PAYMENT of the remaining balance will be needed one week prior to their travel date.

We will be happy to delivery our kittens for all England or International transport. (for an additional fee)

AVAILABLE / For Sale - means this kitten is available for sale on a first-come first-serve basis.
RESERVED - a deposit has been paid to purchase this kitten.
ON HOLD - we are holding this kitten for evaluation, it may become available.
SOLD - full amount has been paid, the kitten is sold.

ragdollbreeder best in ukDeposits are non-refundable but may be transferred to a future litter with the breeder's approval.

PET QUALITY - Kittens are priced £1500. The price depends on the color, pattern and quality of the kitten. The new owner will be required to provide proof that the kitten has been neutered/sprayed by 6 months then the pedigree and TICA or GCCF registration slip will be sent to you.

SHOW QUALITY Altered kittens (registration and show rights included, neutered/castrated) for seal and blue points, and for rare lilac/chocolate kittens. They will be sold with TICA or GCCF registration that includes show rights. Show quality kittens are marked perfectly, have good eye color and coat, bone structure and are otherwise up to TICA and GCCF Ragdoll standard. They have a potential to win a cat show, although not guaranteed. If you just want to have a ‘perfect’ Ragdoll, then a show quality kitten is for you.

BREEDER QUALITY Kittens depending on the quality and color/pattern of the breeder. They are up to TICA and GCCF standard, but might have slight mismarks in pattern. They carry a potential to produce show quality kittens with the right breeding partner.

SHOW / BREEDER Are the top quality cats that are perfect in all regards, and are priced the highest. Breeders come with full TICA or GCCF registration and breeding or breeding/show rights included.

Hope to hear from you soon! Email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

We are GCCF registered and a PKD Tested cattery.




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